About us

Although our charity is small, our impact is large through the work of our wonderful Volunteers.


Our main aims are:

  • To provide children with one to one help that improves their reading and communication skills
  • To promote a love of books and reading for pleasure
  • To address the Literacy Gap that exists for many children, even before they start school
  • To support parents in developing their children’s early literacy skills and promote effective early reading habits

Our aim is to help children achieve their educational potential through our projects whether at primary school or before the start. Evidence shows the earlier you intervene with a child, the more effective the outcomes are.

We know that children who enjoy reading for pleasure are four times more likely to read at the expected level for their age than children who do not enjoy reading, and the ability to read well impacts academic achievement across all areas of the curriculum.

Once a child falls behind in reading, and especially if they start school with communication below expected levels, it is very difficult to make up that difference.