How we work

Literacy Volunteers work in partnership with schools to improve children's literacy.

We ask schools for a subscription fee of £399 per year for one Volunteer in school.
This fee is not full cost recovery but helps to contribute to cover some of our administration and regulatory obligations. It also covers Volunteer training, vetting, Volunteer out-of-pocket expenses and a resource box kept in school. This box contains books and games.

Many of our schools choose children receiving Pupil Premium to have help from a Literacy Volunteer:

  • Choosing 4 Pupil Premium children will pay for the cost of a Literacy Volunteer in full.
  • It is very easy to provide evidence for how the money has been spent and we can support you to provide the impact of having a Literacy Volunteer in your school.

Training and Vetting

All Volunteers go through our safer recruitment process which involves an interview.  Successful applicants are invited to attend training, safeguarding courses and are fully vetted before they start in school. This is confirmed with a school when a Volunteer starts. They also attend Volunteer Network Meetings throughout their time as a Volunteer and receive training and updates at these events.


Support is given to schools and Volunteers by a Volunteer/Schools Co-ordinator. Volunteer/Schools Co-ordinators are on hand for support during term time and are the contact between Volunteers and schools for any issues. Volunteer/Schools Co-ordinators are in contact with schools and Volunteers on a regular basis                                                                                                                                                                           …

Safeguarding and Prevent

Volunteers are required to complete a Safeguarding and Prevent Training (online) before they start in school. Every three years a Volunteer will be required to do a refresher Safeguarding course by Literacy Volunteers. Literacy Volunteers are also happy to assist with schools who require Volunteers to attend training within their school as well.                                                                                          …


A Volunteer will always  work with the school and help their selected children in their literacy in a way that suits everyone. A Volunteer is encouraged to liaise with the class teacher as often as they can to update them on children’s progress or any issues they may have.



Literacy Volunteers send out yearly feedback forms to gain information that helps inform and  benefits the school, Volunteers and the Charity.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        …

Equality and Diversity policy

All children must be treated equally regardless of gender, colour, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion or disability.

This means that Volunteers are prepared to help any child. They must also respect each child’s background, culture and traditions.                                                                                                                   …